About Do Not Knock Registry

For Residents & Businesses:

You can now put your address on the Do Not Knock Registry. Once you put your address on the Registry, the City will send you a sticker that you must display on or near your front door or window. If you sign up for this registry and display the sticker, all people going door to door are prohibited from knocking on your door.

The Do Not Knock Registry does not apply to any person going door to door that you personally invite onto your property.

Once you add your address to the Do Not Knock Registry, your address stays on the list until:

  • City receives a notice of removal; or
  • City receives notice that you are no longer residing or conducting business at that address; or
  • On December 31st of the fifth full calendar year from the date that the address was submitted. (Example: If you submit your address on October 1, 2015, your address will be removed on December 31, 2020.)

If a person does knock on your door and your address is on the list, and you have the sticker displayed, please call 614-876-7321, the City's non-emergency police line if you desire to report the violation.

For Vendors:

You are prohibited from knocking on the doors of any address that is located on the City's Do Not Knock Registry. A current list of the Registry is available on this website.

For more information regarding permits, registration, and time restrictions, please see the table or the full statute.